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Compatible Mobile

inProject.mobi project works properly on websites, mobile phones and tablets.

Completely Customizable to your project

You can set the style inProject.mobi from your control panel, without having to know CSS design or code. It is best that the style is updated in real time.

inProject.mobi fully customizable to your project

Adaptable inProject.mobi We have designed inProject.mobi, so you can be completely customizable to the requirements of your project. Fits from a design image up a model already made in HTML and CSS. We've made Inproject, can be completely customizable to your requirements, and you can edit from the way that looks Inproject in your project and customize it with your own data within your website, such as Name, Email and Image.

Create and customize your own style inProject.mobi

Adaptable inProject.mobi inProject.mobi fits your project.

No idea CSS styles!, We have created a platform in real time, you can create the look of a simple and very easy to configure. Without any knowledge of design or programming.

Adaptable to your language

Idiomas inProject.mobi inProject.mobi is now available 3 languages. We continue working to add more languages.

Not your language? Click here, To request that your language be added to Inproject.

Logo jQuery inProject.mobi works with the jQuery library from version 1.9.1 and the installation is done in such a simple way that does not need any technical knowledge to do so.

Compatible with most browsers and versions


inProject v1.x 24.x + 5.1 + 12.x +

Still no support for this browser version

inProject.mobi still in its version "BETA" , so we work to make it compatible with most browsers and their versions.

You have an error? Report it here, Creating a new ticket in the blog and try to fix it as soon as possible

Installation in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Select the package that meets the needs of your project, and join inProject.mobi payment covers if necessary.

Step 2

Select the style that you used to inProject.mobi or create your own style. Check the packages you have available this option.

Step 3

Enter the page (s) where you want inProject.mobi is implemented by these simple lines:

Includes the latest version of jQuery. Check the supported versions inProject.mobi

<script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.10.2/jquery.min.js"></script>

Includes Bookstore inProject.mobi language. Check here, languages.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.inProject.mobi/js/[ES].js"></script>

[ES] Check the file names of languages

Includes library inProject.mobi


Includes style file for inProject.mobi

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://www.inProject.mobi/css/e/[CSS].css" />

[CSS] Check the name of your file (CSS) within your control panel

Sign inProject.mobi, adding the following parameters on the label <body>

<body onload="inProject('[API KEY]','[PASSWORD]','[VERSION]','[STYLE]','[PARAMETERS]');">

[API KEY] Check the API KEY, within your Control Panel
[PASSWORD] Check the password within your Control Panel
[VERSION] Check the latest inProject.mobi within your control panel
[STYLE] Enter the name of the style used inProject.mobi. If you do not define the default style "Inproject" be used
[PARAMETERS] inProject.mobi lets you send 3 data, which can be added to the scoreboard. (Name, Email, Picture). See more information here on this data sent.

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Real-time scores

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The easiest way to manage your web project.

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Real-time scores

Make bookmarks in real time on the same pages of the project, receives the required changes that the client requests directly to your inbox.
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4 Types of bookmarks

You can set bookmarks as normal, information, resources and priorities, for better control.
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Real-time statistics

You'll have a panel of statistics, which you can see in real time the total number of bookmarks you have on each page and the total number of bookmarks per day.
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Style Library

You can choose a style within the style library or create your own custom style.
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inProject.mobi fully customizable

InProject.mobi completely customize to fit completely to your web project. Updates are updated in real time.
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Multiple Domains

You may use inProject.mobi in several domains with the same API Key, no need to have separate accounts for each domain. Just add the new domain and be ready for use.