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Within this documentation, you will have all the information needed to use inProject.mobi within your web project. This documentation has been created for you to take reference to the installation and use of inProject.mobi. If you find any information that is incomplete or can be explained in a better way, you can contact us soporte@publicityextrim.com.


Use and Copyright

inProject.mobi is a service offered by Publicityextrim, affiliate company and registered trademark of PE SERVICIOS DIGITALES EN MEXICO SA de CV

Using inProject.mobi, is offered only as a service, we are not responsible for misuse of the service, as well as the content that dare markers are entered into a web page.

It is the responsibility of the user to use the service properly and not breach any term within our terms and conditions. Any violation or misuse of the service, inProject.mobi reserves the right to block or remove an account.

InProject.mobi collaborating to give you an availability of 99% of active duty, but occasionally by larger forces our control, it may be that inProject.mobi, is idle for an indefinite time. Your you can be aware of the service state, going directly to the page or dare our twitter account @inproject_mobi, which our system every 3 hours takes a tweet with the state of inProject.mobi.

Using inProject.mobi in a web page, be used without trying to edit, delete, modify or add elements to the service offered by inProject.mobi. The use of the service, external to us styles are also used, so each style is the responsibility of the authors.

Any suspicious activity, either try to modify the code or make improper use of the service, automatically, our system will make a cut in his service until support staff to review the status of the service and proceed to reactivate service cancel the account.



inProject.mobi yields licensed the use of the service and authorizes the use of the service inProject.mobi within your web project, which must be of his authorship.

inProject.mobi grants you the non-exclusive license to use the service in the manner and for the purpose described in the current documentation, provided that you have made the corresponding installation according to our official documentation and meet our terms of use, which can be consultation here .


Installation Information

Remember inProject.mobi operates on a web page within a project, so it is important to have this in order to install inProject.mobi.

If you still do not have a website, we can help you create, more information is.

Remember inProject.mobi may only operate within the domain that you set when creating your account. As cerciórate you install it within a page (s) within the domain, otherwise it will not work.



To add inProject.mobi your web project, is carried on only 3 steps, then you mention that.

Before continuing with the libraries you will need to include with your project, you commented that you can configure within inProject.mobi:

  1. Initially you can set the language you want it to have inProject.mobi simply calling the appropriate language bookstore. From this we discuss later.
  2. You can also set the style that will inProject.mobi within your web project. This can make it straight from your control panel and a simple way, like going selected the colors you want for your service. No any technical knowledge, design or programming required for this configuration.

    Remember that this configuration can be performed anytime and will be reflected instantly in your project.
  3. To make further settings, you can create a unique, and whether private or public, which you will be able to add your own bookmarks (Applies to free plans), so you can have an entire custom style. Private styles, only you can use, so the style will not be published in the library of styles. Instead the public styles will be added to the library of styles and any registered user within the platform, you can use.

    In free plans, they can not create new styles, but if you use public styles in the library of styles.



To implement inProject.mobi within your web project, the following items are required:

Bookseller exceeding jQuery version 1.9.1. In earlier versions do not guarantee that the service works correctly. Click here to view the jQuery versions that have been confirmed to be working correctly inProject.mobi

Use a browser and inProject.mobi compatible version. All recent versions of browsers are compatible with inProject.mobi. Using an older version of a browser, consultation here and compatible browsers versions.



Step 1

Select the package that meets the needs of your project, and join inProject.mobi payment covers if necessary.

Step 2

Login to your account inProject.mobi

You must configure the style he used inProject.mobi into your project.

Remember that you can edit this style anytime and automatically changes will be reflected in your project.

Step 3

Add the following lines of code to the page (s) you want to deploy inProject.mobi

Includes the latest version of jQuery. Check the supported versions inProject.mobi

<script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.10.2/jquery.min.js"></script>

Includes Bookstore inProject.mobi language. Check here, languages.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.inProject.mobi/js/[EN].js"></script>

[EN] Check the file names of languages

Includes library inProject.mobi


Includes style file for inProject.mobi

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://www.inProject.mobi/css/e/[CSS].css" />

[CSS] Check the name of your file (CSS) within your control panel

Sign inProject.mobi, adding the following parameters on the label <body>

<body onload="inProject('[API KEY]','[PASSWORD]','[VERSION]','[STYLE]','[PARAMETERS]');">

[API KEY] Check the API KEY, within your Control Panel
[PASSWORD] Check the password within your Control Panel
[VERSION] Check the latest inProject.mobi within your control panel
[STYLE] Enter the name of the style used inProject.mobi. If you do not define the default style "Inproject" be used
[PARAMETERS] inProject.mobi lets you send 3 data, which can be added to the scoreboard. (Name, Email, Picture). See more information here on this data sent.

API KEY ( int )

This parameter must be an integer. This information is obtained in the control panel.

PASSWORD ( int )

This parameter must be an integer. This information is obtained in the control panel.

VERSION ( float )

This parameter must be of type float (1.x). They should consult the latest version of the system

STYLE ( string )

This parameter accepts only names of existing styles in the library of styles.

See here the FAQs and errors that can occur




inProject.mobi is now available in 3 languages. We continue working to add more languages.

For your current language (EN), includes this Seller

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.inProject.mobi/js/en.js"></script>


All Languages

Not your language? Click here to request your language be added to Inproject.

Spanish (ES)

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.inProject.mobi/js/es.js"></script>

English (EN)

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.inProject.mobi/js/en.js"></script>

Portuguese (PO)

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.inProject.mobi/js/po.js"></script>


Starting | Configuration

In inProject.mobi, you can include custom data to your bookmarks from your web page. You can send information such as user name, your email and a picture.

To take an example, if you're not using inProject.mobi development in your area with your group of designers and programmers, you can send these details of its meetings and will appear on the comments made ​​within the markers.

These data are optional, but they help to customize a inProject.mobi content within your web project.

img1 - Aggregate score without custom content.

img2 - Marker added with custom content. User name and image.


Sending Data

To send this data is from the call Inproject label <body>.

<body onload="inProject('[API KEY]','[PASSWORD]','[VERSION]','[STYLE]','[PARAMETERS]');">

[PARAMETERS] inProject.mobi lets you send 3 data, which can be added to the scoreboard. (Name, Email, Picture).

By sending these data, it is important to follow the order:

Name, Email, Image

Name ( string )

This parameter supports letters (Uppercase and Lowercase), numbers, special characters (áéíóúñ-_) and blanks. Any other sign will be removed from the parameter sent.

Email ( string )

This parameter only accepts valid emails.

Image ( string )

This parameter only accepts valid image url. (It is important that the format of the image is jpg, png, jpeg o gif)

As can be seen, for he sent these data, it is important to separate them with a semicolon ";" it is important that the data sent without such sign, as the system automatically filters each data to prevent errors.

No need to send 3 custom data, you can send just the name, or the name and email name, email and picture. The important thing is to follow the order indicated, otherwise inProject.mobi can not validate the data and mark an error.

See here frequently asked questions and errors that can occur




See here examples of implementation as the programming language of your web project.

PHP (+4.0) | sesiones

<body onload="inProject('[API KEY]','[PASSWORD]','[VERSION]','[STYLE]','<?php echo $_SESSION["NUSER_MY_WEB"];?>;<?php echo $_SESSION["EMAILUSER_MY_WEB"];?>;<?php echo $_SESSION["IMAGEUSER_MY_WEB"];?>');">

<?php echo $_SESSION["NUSER_MY_WEB"];?> | Session has the user name
<?php echo $_SESSION["EMAILUSER_MY_WEB"];?> | Session has the user email
<?php echo $_SESSION["IMAGEUSER_MY_WEB"];?> | Session having the user profile image

PHP (+5.0) | cookies

<body onload="inProject('[API KEY]','[PASSWORD]','[VERSION]','[STYLE]','<?php echo $_COOKIE["NUSER_MY_WEB"];?>;<?php echo $_COOKIE["EMAILUSER_MY_WEB"];?>;<?php echo $_COOKIE["IMAGEUSER_MY_WEB"];?>');">

<?php echo $_COOKIE["NUSER_MY_WEB"];?> | Cookie that stores the user name
<?php echo $_COOKIE["EMAILUSER_MY_WEB"];?> | Cookie that stores the user's email
<?php echo $_COOKIE["IMAGEUSER_MY_WEB"];?> | Cookie that stores the user's profile image

Static Data

<body onload="inProject('[API KEY]','[PASSWORD]','[VERSION]','[STYLE]','Joe Jones;joe@example.com;http://myweb.com/my_image.jpg');">

Joe Jones | Name to be used for display in the bookmarks and comments
joe@example.com | Users will receive email the updates from counter
http://myweb.com/my_image.jpg | Image that appears in the bookmarks and comments

inProject.mobi allows you to use sessions or cookies where you store the data required for the system's use in bookmarks. As you can see, you can use any kind of way to pass data from static data or dynamic data obtained from your sessions or cookies you already use in your web project.


Knowing markers

  1. Image representing the marker number on the page. This image is different, depending on the type of style you are using.
  2. Color box that represents the type of marker that is. Currently there are 4 types of markers (normal Markers (black), informational (blue), medium (orange) and priority (red)).
  3. Title bookmark. This title can be edited as often required.
  4. Option icons into the marker:
    • Mark as complete: By marking this as completed, the score will become transparent.
    • Minimize window: By clicking this button, the window will close comments bookmark.
    • Delete Comment: By clicking this button, you can delete this post from the website. NOTA: When a marker eliminated, all comments will also be deleted and can not be recovered.
  5. Marker data, name (only visible if the data is sent to inProject.mobi), the date of creation bookmark
  6. User picture, this image will only be visible if the data is sent to inProject.mobi.
  7. Main text of the marker. This text is the main bookmark.
  8. Comments field to add this bookmark.


Types of bookmarks

There are 4 types of markers within inProject.mobi.

Normal marker

This marker can be identified because it has the black color. This marker can be used for any kind of comments.

Informative marker

This marker can be identified as having the color blue. This marker can be used to make informative comments, as its name indicates.

Medium Marker

This marker can be identified because it has the orange color. This marker can be used to make comments with average importance.

Priority marker

This marker can be identified as having the color red. This marker can be used to make comments with high importance, which should be resolved more immediately.


Knowing comments

  1. User picture, this image will only be visible if the data is sent to inProject.mobi.
  2. Comment data, name of the writer's comment (only visible if the data is sent to inProject.mobi), date when it was written comment.
  3. Option icons within the commentary:
    1. Minimize Comment: By clicking this button, the comment will be minimized
    2. Delete Comment: By clicking this button, the comment of this marker was removed. NOTE: As the comment eliminated, this can no longer be recovered.
  4. Commentary written by the commenter.


Enable / Disable zone bookmarks

What is the area of bookmarks?
The area is where you can see bookmarks all bookmarks in the current page. If this area is not activated, you can not view them or add new.
At the time of installation within the page on your web project area bookmarks is disabled.

You will know this off, because really at the bottom right of your web, the button to "off" system.

Another way to know that the zone marker is off, is that the buttons are transparent.
And the last way to know, is that it is not active the orange frame around the screen.

Activate bookmarks zone

To activate the zone markers, only need to click on the "off" button to turn it "on".

By activating the zone markers, you can see how the button is no longer transparent, is changed to "On" mode and the orange frame appears around the screen.

Within the area of the bookmarks cursor will change shape to cursor inProject.mobi.


Area deactivate bookmarks

To disable zone markers, only need to click on the "on" button to turn off the "off".

Upon disable zone bookmarks, the button will be transparent, switch to "Off" mode and hides the orange frame.

The cursor will return to form by default


Add new marker

It is important before you add a marker, already haveactivated zone bookmarks, otherwise you can not add a new bookmark.

To add a new bookmark, you must already be inside the zone bookmarks.

Inside, by pressing the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard.

You want to set the key which enabled the area to add a new marker?
We're working on that in a future version, the button which is used to activate this area is configurable from the control panel

The area was activated to add bookmarks

Enabling places to add new markers, always activate the option to add a normal bookmark. We may know the type of marker that we will add in the top left of the screen.

To select the type of marker that will add to the website, we can select it using the "1", "2", "3" or "4"

Tecla Marker Type
1 Normal marker
2 Informative marker
3 Medium marker
4 Priority marker

You choose the type of marker, we simply click on the position that we want to add the bookmark.

The score is created automatically in the position he's here and then return to the area markers. Already created the label, and you can edit the data as the title, the main content and comments may be added to this same.
Stored markers equivalent proportion to its original position. What's this? As the website can be displayed on screens of different resolutions, provided the marker was located at a position in proportion as the screen view.

This serves to websites and responsive markers always have an equivalent position in any resolution.

You can try this, scaling your web browser and you can see that the position bookmarks are updated in a manner proportional to its original position.

Would markers always have the same position, even if the web is scaled or displayed on other resolutions?
We are working to add new functionality to inProject.mobi


Delete a bookmark

To delete a bookmark, it is necessary to be within the area of bookmarks.

If you want to remove a marker, only need to click on the "Delete bookmark".

When pressed you will get a confirmation window.

If you are sure, click "OK". If you want to cancel press "Cancel".
If you click to accept the marker will be removed from the site

If you have multiple bookmarks within the website and delete an intermediate marker, markers numbering automatically refresh.

Marker 1
Marker 2
Marker 3

Borras marker 2
To be updated:

Marker 1
Marker 3 = Marker 2


Marcar / Unmark as full

You can have markers selected as completed or not, in a very simple way .

The label you want to place as completed, only need to press on the "Mark as complete"

By placing it as complete, the icon changed to the following, in addition to the bookmark icon, will become transparent .

To deselect, back to press the icon "Unmark as complete" and the score changed to a non transparent .

Problems and FAQ Recently | Installation

FAQ Recently | Consultar errores

How many bookstores have to link to my web project so that inProject.mobi work?
3 files must be linked. The Seller Inproject library and language. File also find yourself set of styles.

Where in I have to include the libraries?
The libraries can be included within the tag <head>, up or down your document. inProject.mobi works correctly in both cases.

How libraries are included?
Only you must copy the lines of code that you indicated in this section.

How inProject.mobi if already loaded within my web project?

InProject.mobi know that is already loaded into your web project, when you see these two elements at the bottom within your site where you installed inProject.mobi.
  1. Element where the type and version of an item inProject.mobi showing total page markers (In type "Gold" plan is displayed, not the version is displayed, only the total markers of page)
  2. Element used to enable / disable markers zone website.

Already included my libraries, but inProject.mobi not load within my site?
Check that you have already initialized inProject.mobi within the label<body>, as you indicate here.

Already included my library and initialize inProject.mobi within the web label my project, but still does not load
Verify that the configuration data (API KEY, PASSWORD, VERSION, and PARAMETER STYLE) are valid.

Already included my library and initialize inProject.mobi within the web label my project, but I get a error Sale
Check here any errors that may occur when you install the inProject.mobi

What if my API KEY and password are copied and engaged in other websites?
Nothing, because for security API KEY is associated with the domain that you set when you log in inProject.mobi, so it may not hold outside your domain or your configured domains.

Can I change the domain which is associated with my API KEY and my inProject.mobi PASSWORD?
In the Free plan yet you can not modify the domain that was configured at the time of registration inProject.mobi.
In pro plan , you can configure up to 5 domains, in which your API KEY and PASSWORD to start will inProject.mobi
In the gold plan, you have no limit. You can configure as many domains requieras.


Problems and FAQ | Configuration

Join my parameters within the tag <body>, but I get a message like the image

Check the error code that shows you (E 00X) y check here the solutions according to the error code.

My custom image is larger than 64px wide and 64 px high What?

InProject.mobi automatically set to maximum width 64px and 64px high. If the image is larger, adjusted to have maximum dimensions.

By accessing the email, is this was displayed in the bookmarks?
No, only occupies the email system to send notifications to users of updates within the markers. The emails are safe within our servers.


jQuery versions

Below we list the jQuery versions that have confirmed and verified to work inProject.mobi correctamnete.

Versión jQuery State compatible browsers
1.10.2 Recommended. inProject.mobi works correctly
1.10.1 inProject.mobi work correctly
1.10.0 iinProject.mobi work correctly
1.9.1 inProject.mobi work correctly
1.9.0 inProject.mobi work correctly
1.8.0 - 1.8.3 inProject.mobi is stable.
1.7.0 - 1.7.2 inProject.mobi is stable.
1.6.0 - 1.6.4 inProject.mobi is stable.
1.5.0 - 1.5.2 inProject.mobi is stable.
1.4.0 - 1.4.4 inProject.mobi is stable.
1.3.0 - 1.3.2 inProject.mobi is stable.


Compatible browsers

Acontinuacion the list you browsers and compatible versions inProject.mobi

Versión inProject.mobi compatible browsers
24.x + 5.1 + 12.x +

Still no support for this browser version